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Your bones have some flexibility, but when excess pressure is placed on them from a collision, crush, or other accident, they can break, or fracture. There are several types of broken bones, including displaced and compound fractures, and fracture may be full or partial. A full fracture is obvious whereas a partial fracture may not be as easy to determine without proper imaging. Board-certified orthopedic specialist Dr. Jeffrey Carroll uses advanced, on-site imaging to determine the type of fracture you sustained and the severity of your injury.

When you suffer from a broken bone, Dr. Carroll will do a careful examination to assess your overall condition, your level of pain, symptoms, and medical history. Together, we will discuss your personalized course of treatment for putting your bone(s) back into position to allow for full healing. Options include full casting and braces, which we offer on site, as well as recommendations for physical therapy, and in rare cases, surgery.

If you are in need of urgent care for a fracture or other trauma, turn to the broken bone experts in Clinton Township. We are prepared and well equipped to handle all of your orthopedic needs. Request an appointment online or call us at (586) 436-3785.

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